Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grasshopper bebes...

Aren't these adorable??? As I was getting my ninos to school I passed these on the wall. I almost didn't take a second look considering the "discussion" Troy and I just had involving these words, "responsible", "on-time" and "if you are late for school again I'll make sure you wish you were never born!". {I'm exaggerating on the last one, it didn't leave my lips. I kept that one in my head.}

So I saw these and then of course we were even later because I had to take these great pictures. See it's o.k. if I make us late, I'm the mom.
Now that that's settled here are a few things we learned about grasshoppers.

Their antennae are always shorter than their body.

They make noise by rubbing their hind legs with their abdomen or their front wings.

Grasshoppers lay eggs 1-2 inches in the earth, usually by plants.

The eggs look like thin pieces of rice.

Grasshoppers are eaten around the world. They are used as a filling or snack. The Chinese put them on skewers.

Raw grasshoppers should be eaten with caution. They can contain tapeworms. {Just in case you were thinking about it!}

They live up to 3 months.

When the eggs hatch the first one that hatches leaves and the others follow. (This is what we saw. One was climbing up the wall and the others were following.)

There's your little lesson for today. Oh, and the Spanish lesson for today, look at the title. That's it! Bebes means babies. :)


uncledave said...

Thanks Shawna I finally figured out how to comment! I know how it helps to know people are coming to your site. If come by please leave a comment, if anything just to say hello. I know the kids would love this.

2 questions: 1. How do the boys like the school, hows it different??? 2. How was fast and testimony meeting? was it short because of the few people, or did people get up more than ounce?

Love you guys and miss ya! I know alot of people read your blogs, keep it up!!! pics pics pics!!!

Nikki said...

Hmmm...thanks for the "lesson" on grasshoppers, but now that you have shared the info about the tapeworms, I think I will pass if I see them on the menu.

Keep up the blogging. I love seeing what you are all up to.


Christine said...

So fun!

Our animal adventure for the day was the Kindergarten field trip to Amy's farm. I guess it's mainly a farm that bottle feeds calves taken from dairy cows. Cute idea but in reality the trip consisted of millions of flies, waiting, petting a goat, swatting flies, waiting, petting a horse, more swatting, waiting...and on and on. It was hot (though not as hot as where you were) and when the kids ate lunch I spent the whole time waving the flies off Ashley's food. I've never seen so many! I didn't dare pull out my lunch until we were driving home. I'm now covered in a layer of dust and dotted in some unknown sap so I'm off to shower again...