Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to Spanish 101

So here goes. This is what I've learned and will be relearning probably for the next year.

There are 7 seven key question words to know:
Donde (dohn-deh) where We used to ask Troy when he was a baby "Donde esta la luz?" Where is the light?
Que (keh) what
quien (kee-en) who
por que (por keh) why
cuando (kwahn-doh) when
como (koh-moh) how
cuanto (kwahn-toh) how much This one I know well!

Notice how cuando and cuanto only have one letter that is different?
So there you go. We are starting off easy.
I did remember learning "Yo quiero un beso." from a boyfriend in high school. The only embarrasing thing is that I had just learned it when I met his parents for the first time. They asked me if he had taught me any Spanish yet and of course I answered.


Christina said...

HAHAHA that is seriously SO FUNNY!!

how funny that i actually remembered all those spanish words!

i must say this site is the BEST! its what i use to communicate with my brazilian family down in brazil...


Christine said...

Of course you need to know "Donde esta el bano" (where is the bathroom):)

After 5 years of Spanish in school I'm still not fluent (because I never use it). I can understand some but probably just the people that don't talk very fast. By immersing yourself in it you'll learn it better than in any classroom if you make an effort and aren't afraid to just butcher it and try. Jeff learned 2 languages that way (spanish and sign language), he's not afraid to make a fool of himself communicating and what he doesn't know people will help him with. I think they are just happy that your making an effort. Good luck!

Tonja said...

Good for you, trying to learn the language. So many people live in a country for years and only know a few words. Just speak it wherever you go no matter how bad it is. They will be impressed that you are even trying. Americans are the critical ones when it comes to people learning English.

I am loving your blog, it's so interesting. Luke loves to look at the picture of the scorpion "where Paige got bit" -So sad, but what can you do? I hope she's feeling better. You guys are brave. Keep on posting those adventures. Love it!

O, and I hear you on going to church and not understanding a word they are saying. I zoned out of church for a year 1/2 in Japan while I was on my mission. Church is WAY hard to follow, even when you can communicate with people.