Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did I Mention We are Members of a Beach Club...

Well, we aren't.

Anyway, I thought I'd put up a few pictures of Saturday.

We needed to get out so what better place to head then a beautiful {free} pool. This is the "beach club" at Los Suenos. It's called the beach club, for one, because as you can see on the first picture, that's the ocean in the background. And two, because it's private for a certain area of residents within Los Suenos. We have our connections with Rusti's sister. Thanks Rusti!

This is a resident of the beach club. We have yet to name him, any ideas? Our first visit here he attacked my backpack and wouldn't let me have it. During this visit he seems to be more comfortable with us and wanted to hang with the boys in the pool.

Check out this huge, 2 foot high baby pool.

This is Aiden and I and my new hairstyle. It's so lame I know, but I've given up. In fact I'm decorating a few of Wes' hats right now to wear to church. JK.

So have I enticed anyone to visit us yet?????? It will include a complimentary day at the Los Suenos pool.


Kristen said...

First of all...Shawna you look so thin! You were thin when you left but wow look at those arms:)...you look great!
Such beautiful pictures. What a fun resort!

Lara said...

I'm getting on a plane tomorrow! (I wish!!)

Sharla said...

ok, I can just picture you having a moment with that giant lizard thing! ha ha ha. does it have claws???