Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Funny Conversation II...

O.K. so you want to know how I got out of my bathroom predicament? {you can read about the situationhere)

It' wasn't as funny as being in the predicament but here goes...
I screamed loud enough to get my daughter off the computer and to the bathroom door. I asked her to take the knob outside and see if she could hand it up to my hand reaching out from the screen. {Screens are a luxury here in Costa Rica} This would have all worked smoothly except {for those meddling kids!}

1. Aiden was refusing to hand Paige the knob, "I can help you mom! I can do it!" Love those helpful 3 year olds.
2. Paige couldn't reach my hand.

How I fixed this situation
1. Bribed Aiden with a cookie. {or two}
2. Had Paige climb on top of a table to hand me the knob.

Ta Dah! I'm out!

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TICA MACHA said...

It's amazing some of the situations we find ourselves in while living here. It's good you see the comical side.
Life is an adventure here but not the one you expected!