Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Disneyland here...

We went to a restaurant last night that had tiki torches at the front. It had a fun atmosphire and reminded me of Disneyland or Rainforest Cafe. As we were walking in we heard what sounded like tons of birds. Dallin had commented, "Mom, do you hear all those birds?" Of course the noise from the birds was fake, just like the tree was. The mood was just too perfect to be real. "Dallin's it's like Disneyland, it's not real." I decided to take a picture of the tree anyway.

Here it is.

I guess I was wrong. It is real.

Costa Rica is very real.

We counted 16 birds. Does anyone see more than that?


Christina said...

that is oh so funny!! wow-costa rica is real--we are getting SO RIPPED at dland!!!

loubige said...

I counted more than 16 but lost track of which ones I had counted already....but for sure more than 16.
You're making me miss our Dland passes....sniff, sniff. They expired in January and we are taking at LEAST one year off. Who knows when we'll buy them again, hopefully sooner than later!