Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Funny Conversation...

My Little Guy: {on the bedroom side of the door} “Mom, when are you coming out?”
Me: {on the shower side of the door} In a few minutes, I’m almost done.”
My Little Guy: “Mom, can I come in?”
Me: “O.K., I’m coming out. {wrapped in a towel} Oh, the door knob is off. Let me get it and I’ll be out.”
My Little Guy: I’ll get the handle for you mom. Here it is!”
Me: “You have the handle?”
My Little Guy: “Yep, [enthusiastically} I got it for you mom!
Me: thinking, “dang it!” Or did I say that out loud? I’m not sure. “Thanks sweetheart!”
I look out the small window, I could probably climb out that but I only have a towel. Oh and there is the gardener, he wouldn’t appreciate the view! Let’s see how do you say, “I’m naked, locked in the bathroom and my 3 year old has the doorknob, can you help me?” I haven’t learned this one yet. Why don’t they have Spanish for stay at home moms?


Christine said...

OK so now you have to finish the story. How did you get out?!?

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

I didn't finish the story because it wasn't as funny.
I called Paige and Aiden gave her the knob. She went outside and climbed on the table and handed it to me through the screen. Whew!! :)

Maryann said...

I can see the whole thing in my head!! kids you got to love them, well i sure hope you were not late for church because of that....

Christina said...

hahahah too funny! the spanish for stay at home moms SO made me laugh!!!

also the "could you bring me the bed?" again way too funny!

Christine said...

Glad you got out of that with your dignity still in tact!

Have you learned "Que es esto?" (or "What is this?") You could ask if it's a bed or a sheet, or a doorknob for that matter;)