Saturday, June 21, 2008


Guess who came? Nope! No! Guess again!

O.K. I'll tell you!

Isn't that so exciting????? Wes and his sister Rusti said I had a photo shoot at a condo for a picky lady. When we got there they opened the door and it was my dad and Rosie!!! What a treat. Our first visitors!!! We had them pick up Dallin from school he was so shocked he came running down the stairs and got a swing around, pick me up hug from grandpa. When we arrived home where Troy was they knocked on the door and asked him, casually if his mother was home. He paused for a minute, closed the door and said, "Mom, grandpa's at the door" with the largest grin!!!! They came for Paige's baptism, which is Sunday.

We took them to see Crocodile bridge. It's a bridge that you can walk out on and look over to see ton's of crocs. We saw about 12. We went to a town to buy a baptism dress for Paige. That was an adventure. Note: Toyota Privia’s don't 4x4 well! Last night we had a rowdy game of Sequence. {One of our favorite board games!} The women won of course. Sometimes it gets boring ALWAYS beating the men. :) It can be pretty TOUGH on Rosie and I "always" winning. We still need to act excited when we do, but it really gets tiresome.

Paige and Grandpa in front of a restaurant in Los Seunos.

Aiden and Grandpa when they first arrived. (He just jumped to his grandpa and held on for about 5 minutes. He hasn’t stopped smiling since!)

When we were leaving their "gorgeous" condo, my dad jumped a few feet when he saw this move. Too bad my video camera wasn't running. Isn't this the most interesting crab??? It reminds me of a cross between batman and the joker with all the colors.

This is just before the crab's demise.

Just kidding, my dad was trying to keep it from running away so I could get a picture! As long as it made it across the street, it's on to a happy life.

So, who's next to visit? My aunt Sheila and her daughter Joanna are coming in January!!! Can't wait.


Alison said...

What a fun suprise!!! You must just be loving it! Have a great weekend. Congrats on Paiges up coming baptism too. =)

Kristen said...

awe..I LOVE surprises :)! What an exceptionally good one. How neat for them to come and visit.
Can't wait to hear all about Paige's baptism,(she won't be getting baptised near the croc's I hope! (haha)

Oh WOW that was an interesting crab!!

Heather Anderson said...

Ok I just got into the blogging world and I am so excited to see your blog and be able to keep in touch while your so far! How FUN for Dad to come visit. And it is so wonderful Paige got to have him there for her baptism! Looks like life is interesting, beautiful and challenging in your new home:)

Lara said...

That crab looks like a toy--not real-looking at all! And a visit from Dad? What could be better?!?!? Say hi to him for me!! I can't believe Paige is already getting baptized. She's 8 already? Wow!

Nikki said...

So cool to see your dad. I bet it was a wonderfully welcomed surprise.

Congrats to paige for her big day...I cannot believe that little girl is 8 already!!!

HOLY COW!!! Where has the time gone?


Tonja said...

That's so cool that your dad came to visit! How fun for you guys. Congrats to Paige on getting baptised. She is so adorable. Love her! O and you guys all look great in all your pictures. I love your blog!

Christina said...

oh so fun that they came!!! i thought the crab was a TOY!!! HELLO!

lemonade with ants??? theres your fiber i guess? or is it protein? sorry-im tired!

so cool she got baptized IN THE OCEAN!!!

love the family photo-AGAIN your frizzy hair underneath a HAT!