Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aren't these cute???

I thought I'd post what I've been working on lately in Primary. I got this idea from mormonshare. We have a primary activity on service coming up and this is our handout. They are wristbands to hand out with the day and time on them. Cute huh?
Before you are thoroughly amazed at my translation skills, I have to admit I use a translating site to turn everything to Spanish for me. I have been picking up a little more though.

Do me a favor. The next time you are at church or out in public and hear someone who is bilingual, give them a pat on the back. Don't just let the thought enter you mind that oh, it's easy for them to pick up the language because they live here. NO, it doesn't just seep into their brains while they sleep at night {as I had previously thought and hoped}. No it takes tons of blood, sweat and studying. It is hard. I will always appreciate anyone who has or is going through this smoothing of a rough stone process. ALWAYS.
Another thing I can thank Costa Rica for. Boy they just keep adding up!!!

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