Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Great Sites...

Don't you love when you've found a great website? I remember finding Everything Is Pink and Rocks In My Dryer Those were great days for me.

Now I have found a few more.
great ideas for baby showers, bridal showers and entertaining. My fav is a baby shower with a theme of bedtime stories. Everyone brings their favorite book and the food table is made to look like a cozy bed with a stuffed animal. How creative is that?????
this has, yep you guessed it, recipes! She has the most creative ideas for making your dishes look appealing to your little ones, or big ones. My favorite; doggie soup {soup made from left over veggies from the week} and biscuts that are in the shape of doggie paws. Then she goes one step further and throws a blanket on the table and lets the kids eat in the "dog house". Like she says, it's all in the presentation.

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