Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Bro...

I have to give a "shout" out to my little bro Robbie. Or "Roooo berrrr tooooow" as I used to call him when we were young, you know, just to irritate him. Here he is with his awesome family that I miss so much.
Now this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you about how I could make him take 5 or more showers a day when he was a teenager. Or how David and I used to drive by his bus stop and say things like, "Mommy said to go home and change your dirty underwear!" But if I did that you would think he was the sweet innocent one and alas, I don't want that. {hee! hee!}


The top 5 things I love about my brother

1. He is a great father!
2. He caught himself a wonderful wife!
3. Robbie has a fantastically solid business mind.
4. Despite my observations as a child, he is a very hard worker.
5. He's very competitive {almost as much as his sweet Jenny}

Love ya Robbie, oh, I mean Robert. :)


Heather Anderson said...

Cute little Robbie...or I guess Robert now:) How do we all keep getting so old?

Nikki said...

That is just plain C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

He is a MAN. When did that happen?

Happy Birthday Robbie!!!