Friday, August 8, 2008

Our House part II

I missed two of the best shots of the "specialties" of our home.

This is our big T.V in our little home. It really looks funny here! Wes sister wasn't using this one and offered it to us. Let's just say before I could open my mouth my "true love" had it hanging in our home.

This is our one and only shower head right now. It heats the water {barely} right here, just before it comes out. If you look closely {by my large brown arrow} you will see the green wire isn't completely covered. Now that could be bad!

Excuse the blurry shot but isn't this a beautiful bird? The other day I had 3 of these on my back patio. The yellow and the brown work so well together here, however I would never use it in decorating. { I guess I should never say never}


Christine said...

Loved the exposed wire. I saw a "worst home inspection" sample of someone who had a TV in the shower. They were advised that it was dangerous but they opted to keep it in there. Crazy

loubige said...

Yellow and you come!