Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That was not a typo!!!! I'm headed home as an "unaccompanied" adult!

I have a family event to attend. I get a whole week, all by myself!!! Oh, can I say that again? I get an entire week all by MYSELF! I'm even excited to sit in an airplane for 9 hours; did I mention all by myself?!?!?!

Living in our "cozy" quarters here, I'm looking forward to {non-echoing} space.

My second son said the strangest thing yesterday. "Mom, I kinda like living in a small house." I just smiled and thought, "How great for him." :)

This is what is on my "bucket list" for my short visit to the states:

1. Walk into a Target store, kiss the ground {don't think I'm exaggerating here} then spend the next 3 hours browsing through the glorious aisles of consumables.

2. I'm headed to In-In-Out to get a cheeseburger animal style, protein style. My mouth is watering now. Heck, maybe I'll live dangerously, forgo the protein style and eat the bun.

3. I'm going to try and spend time with some of my great friends. {I'm so lucky in this category}

4. I'm going to take a long bath every night. With bubbles.

5. I'm going to spend time with my family and smush my nieces and nephews!! {Thought I'd give fair warning}

6. I'm going to do my hair every morning and have it look good all day. No humidity, here I come!!!

7. One more food item I have to devour; a chocolate malt from Ruby's. This is my favorite treat!

8. I will go to church Sunday {3 hours only} and hear the gospel taught in English. I'm so excited about this! Especially for Relief Society {the women's meeting}.

9. Borders here I come. I'm ordering their scrumptiously yummy hot chocolate Then I'm going to sit and read and read and read as my feet tap away to the live band playing. I will do this until they throw me out.

10. I'm going to hit Old Navy, Gymboree and Gap. Whooo whooo. Honey, I'm warning you now. I need to get a six month supply of shoes, shirts, underwear, socks, our favorite toothpaste and such for 5 growing kids and 2 adults. So be prepared sweetheart. :)

I have to keep my smiling to a minimum, the kids want to come so bad!!!!

Opps! Jenny pointed out I forgot to mention "when" my plane touches ground. I shall arrive September 17th or 18th.


Jenny said...

Shawna, you left us hanging...when will you be here? We can't wait to see you. The kids will be sooo excited!

Cristy said...

I hope you have an awesome visit! You'll have to eat some Miguels Jr. for me, haha. I think I miss that more than In-N-Out, lol. If you happen to have a layover in upstate NY, give me a ring. Since I am in not in CA anymore, we won't get to see you! HUGS and have a safe trip.

Maryann said...

SWEET!!!!!!! I am buying at Rubys.
I can't wait to see you.

Christine said...

Yaaah Shawna. It'll be great to see you! Sorry I've missed your calls. I tried calling back but I got Rusti's voicemail so I didn't want to leave a message. I appreciate your efforts though. I'm doing good, busy, but good.

Kristen said...

yay! this is wonderful news!!! Let the party begin:)
Where are you staying? I'm so excited for you!

Jenny said...

We are sooo glad you will be coming back for a visit. We have a guest room with a bed all ready for you, if you would like to stay here. The kids would love it and so would we. I can imagine how excited you must be to come back for a week, with no kids. Had I been able to come back from my mission halfway through I would have gone NUTS. I must warn you, it will be hard to go back, I think. Well, maybe not too hard, having left your husband and kids behind. ONE of my favorite things from coming home from my mission was hearing the HYMNS sung correctly instead of sounding like a bunch of injured animals wailing in pain.


Christine said...

Shawna I thought I commented but maybe it didn't go through. Sorry to miss your call again...I appreciate that you try:). I am so excited that you'll be back home, even for a short while! Perfect timing with all the kids in school we'll be solo too so we can have fun doing whatever sounds fun to you!

Hey just to let you know you've been tagged on my blog. Thats what friends are for. Hee hee.

Tonja said...

YAY! That is going to be so fun for you. I'm so glad for you.
...So do you think you'd be able to squeeze in a photo shoot for us? J/K (but really I'm not) Ambrea wanted to ask too, but she didnt dare. Am I brave or what? You are the best though.
K, I'm embarresed for even asking, so I'm gonna jet.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

I'm so thrilled to come home. I have to let it out with a little scream when the kids aren't around. "Yippeeee!" I'm hoping that it will help me to appreciate Costa Rica more. I think I'm just getting to where I have stopped fighting the way life is here and just tried to enjoy it more.
Robbie- Yes I can't wait to go to church in the states. To hear the hymms sung correctly will be beauty to my ears. I might take you up on a night or two in your beautiful home.

MaryAnn, your on for Ruby's!!!

Cristy, I'll head to Miguels for you. Miss you.

Your so funny. Yeah I might be able to stick in a photoshoot. Rusti has warned me not to overplan. She says you never get done what you need to. But if I can coordinate your family with Ambrea's and a night up there with my Banagas side of the family, than it's a go. Email me.

A little more than 2 weeks and I'm outta here.

Heather Anderson said...

Great news!!!