Monday, August 25, 2008

My "Little" Money Maker...

I have so much to post about. We had a primary activity at church, I finally got to my women's group meeting{awesome}, and I have been to a baby shower. Yahoo!!! My social calendar is filling up. Finally! :)

I decided to post about my little money makers. The boys {T and D} are trying to earn money for a wii. They have been working hard; even going as far as selling their beloved Game Cube.

I'm a business addict. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are:

1. While my sweet mother thought I was down for a nap, I would open my window and "rent" out my books to the neighborhood kids.

2. Opening a lemonade stand {with my brothers} on a busy highway while staying with our grandparents. We pulled in over $80.00 { a large fortune for a 9 year old}

3. Creating and selling a neighborhood newspaper

4. Selling baked goods to our neighborhood.
[Tip: don't sit with your brothers and eat half the merchandise}.

So Troy and Dallin have the financial bug like I acquired. Troy decided to sell cinnamon rolls to the neighborhood. Who am I to argue? I thought that I would be "helping" him make the rolls. Nope! He made sure I didn't do any of it.

Something I've learned here is that Costa Ricans love home baked goods. The only place they can get them here is the Farmer's Market. However the cookies are crunchy. They will pay for the luxury of a soft baked cookie. So, back to Troy. He made these oh so yummy rolls and sold them in our neighborhood in about 10 minutes. The most impressive part; he spoke Spanish as he went door to door.

I played the dutiful mom and acted like I wasn't nervous for them but I sure let out a sigh of relief as they bounded up our walkway with an empty tray and jingling pockets.

Before we started Troy added up the costs of his supplies. I loaned him the money to purchase them at 5% interest. (Me being the bank I need to make money) He put in the labor, deciding it was to early to hire anyone. Then when the rolls were sold he payed for his supplies, payed tithing, then put the rest away. Now he can purchase his own supplies and keep the 5% for himself. I love business!!!!

Tip for making great cinnamon rolls, turn up the heat to 400 degrees and cook a little less. This will give you the gooey on the inside flaky on the outside appeal. {Like Cinnabon} Also mix powered Hazelnut coffee creamer into the frosting. YUM!!!!

Landon watched patiently.

Can you guess who was their first sale sale???? ME. I couldn't resist.
You have to realize that this is our winter. It's hot and humid, but rainy. This is the most "winter like" it gets here. That's why were are making things like cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.


Christine said...

Those looked very delicious. We never tried to sell anything to our neighbors growing up but we used to take baskets of food from our garden to give away. I can't tell you how many people didn't have a clue what a yellow crook neck squash was or what you did with it but my mom always grew a ton of them. Penny Vincent is my visiting teacher and sure enough she brought me over some vegetables the other day including a yellow crook neck squash. Brought back memories. Tell your boys good luck with their sales I would buy some from them if I was there!

Melissa said...

I'm impressed with your boys. I've never even made cinnimon rolls myself. They look so yummy!

Kristen said...

How fun Shawna! That is the best, and oh they look so yummy.
Troy is such a cutie, I bet all the costa rica pre-teen ladies like him?:)

loubige said...

Tasty, I love cinammon rolls. :-)

TICA MACHA said...

How cute and INNOVATIVE!
For sure, I want to come visit and schedule it on a "bake day". Teri