Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Sunday with a Purpose...

Last Sunday went well. I had mention earlier that I had just received a new calling {kind of like a job without pay} at church. How important it is to be needed at church. Without feeling that you are needed it is pretty difficult to go every single week, especially when you can't tell what's being said.

Last week I survived being in Primary without our sweet president there. To deal with the language barrier I had a primary teacher from the states translate for me. Thank goodness for Bro Wilcox. I did nursery which is only the second hour of church and then did singing time. Here my reading and acting skills came in handy.

We played a game that my kids have played a million times in the states. You have a child leave the room and then pick another child to hide the item. When the first child comes in the kids will sing the song they just learned louder and louder as the 2nd child gets closer to the hidden item. The kids love it! My kids commented on how fun primary was because we played this game. Interesting because they wouldn't have even mentioned the game if in the states. The best thing about this adventure of ours is the gratitude our little guys have for the life they just expected in the U.S.

Here is a picture of our nursery room. It's 12x12 feet and full of noise carrying tile. The kids have 2 toy options, the large building blocks and the foam puzzle pieces that I threw out when nursery leader in the states. I still hate those things. I'm slowly planning their demise as we speak. As you know the building doesn't have air conditioning, but we do have this fancy dancy fan that will circulate the hot air.

Here is a few of my nursery kids playing in the colored salt. They play with it like sand. Since we have tile I figured even if it got out of the bucket, it would be easy to clean up. Sure enough, I was correct, it was easy to clean up.

This is my primary notebook. I have to say that even though I'm easy going about things, this notebook drives me crazy. Maybe I do have a bit of OCD in me. I just want to take it home and doll it up. In fact, throwing it out seems like the best way to fix it. I have a nice shinny white one waiting in the bookshelf just asking to be brought out. So here is the battle going on in my head. "Shawna, temperal things don't matter here. Just leave the notebook as it is. You don't need a crisp new one to do a good job. Hasn't Costa Rica taught you anything?" Then I say, "Oh, but it is important to be organized and neat, and that cover just doesn't help". So you have an assignment. What do you think? Should I leave it alone or what?????

All in all, I know working in the primary is going to be the best thing for me. I've already done more studying with the Spanish language this week than I have done all month. I have to, I can't hide. And is there a more perfect place to practice than with kids????? All they really care about is that you love them!


Christine said...

Loved to hear about your Sunday. Much different than our Nursery overflowing with toys huh. Hey I know what you mean about the notebook. I got a ripped up paper looseleaf notebook when I was called to be Home Family and Personal Enrichment leader. The first thing I did was replace the notebook. Hey if you already have one I don't think it's a big deal to use it. Right now the calling is yours and you are allowed to put your own personal spin on how you want to do your calling best. If a clean, neat notebook helps you feel organized and more on top of things I say go for it. (It did for me) Just don't be throwing their foam puzzle pieces away (unless you have something better ;). Wish we could just magically poof you some of our old toys.

I loved that your incorporating games and ideas that you did hear in the states. Thats whats so fun about changing callings people bring in their own special talents and ideas. Way to go. I'm sure your boys love having you in there too.

Kristen said...

That was fun hearing all about your new calling, sounds like the kids just love you, how could they not?!? Yes, I say get a new book :) ha!

Lara said...

I"m OCD Level 8 (Yeah, I just made that up) and so I'm not sure you want my opinion on the notebook.

It's been great having this new cultural experience through your eyes. I appreciate your willingness to share it with all of us!

Nikki said...

My vote is replace the notebook.
It will make you feel better and more organized.

So glad you have internet.


Co & Larry said...

My choice is change the notebook! One of my favorite singing time activities, great choice.
I am so glad you are sharing your experience with us! I just love it.