Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

I know that I only post on MWF, but I'm trying to make up for Monday. :)

I thought it would interesting to know what YOU would like me to post about. If there is subject you think would be an interesting post, leave me a comment. Let me know and I will do my best to come through for you! This could be fun!

Remember this is a family blog as you make your requests! {Hee! Hee} There are some things my dad just doesn't want to know.

"Love ya Dad".

Oh and Happy Birthday mom! I miss you terribly!


Christine said...

Ok Shawna, I wanted to hear about how your first Sunday went. How's it going in your new house. How are your older kids doing with the language, have they made any friends and have you guys hooked up with any other English speakers to hang out with or have you bonded with any other locals besides the cleaning lady? I loved your post about the grocery store differences. I think we don't even have a clue what living in another country is like when we've never done it before. Basically post about anything about how your life. It's nice to feel we can still keep in touch with you a little even though we're far away! Love ya!

Kristin said...

Shawna, My name is Kristin Meza & we were in your ward briefly(Arlington Heights or Arlington I can't think of which) then you guys moved somewhere(can't remember that either) anyway my husbands family is from Costa Rica and since you are blogging from there we have linked you on ours. I think I found you through another members blog but we thought yours was exciting because I think its something that if our kids were younger my husband would have tried. Anyway I hope you don't mind but you guys are really exciting to us! Oh and we also knew Wes when he was in the YA ward pre mission days and we know Your father! He's a great guy.

Kristin said...

Oh Shawna I forgot that My husband Mike, wanted to ask; Where do you get medical care? What city are you in exactly? & do your kids go to school at an American school or what type? Our blog is mkmezafamily. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you & your family!