Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Part II on our Trip to San Jose...

As you know from earlier we headed to San Jose, the capital city here, a few weeks ago. It had been quite awhile since we had done anything "vacation like" and the natives were getting restless. We basically tagged along with Rusti. San Jose is where we do any major shopping. They have Payless Shoes there, however you won't find anything for under $20 there. {O.K. so I just realized I let you in on my secret, I"M CHEAP!}
San Jose also sports a "PriceSmart", it's like a wanna be Costco. {Oh, how I've missed you Costco} Someone please buy a case of sweet grapes for me. If I dared to purchase them here I'd pay about $13 for a pound. And they have the audacity to carry seeds.

My daughter enjoys the finer things in life. The first thing she did was try and order room service. {Yeah, right!}

This is Aiden sporting the view from our hallway. It was beautiful, especially at night as we were fighting to get 5 kids to actually fall asleep.

Oh the luxury!!!! Here is where I spent many moments. Nah, I wish, but I did get in a 2 hour bath the first night. Yummy!!!
I thought this was cute of Wes and Landon.
Here is what I love about Costa Rica, parent traps like this train that rode around the mall, only cost $3.50 for all three of us. I was ready to pay $3 each like I would have in the states.
This is what our feet attire consists of now, flip flops. Wes accidentally called them thongs, like when we were kids. That started an interesting conversation. :)
We still don't have a car, and my little blue freedom doesn't live with me anymore, so we have to take a Taxi/Bus. It's a taxi that seats 15 people I believe. I won't tell you the cost of having us transported to San Jose and back, it will ruin my "cheap" status. But it is nice to be able to stretch out. Doesn't Aiden look like he appreciates it?
Here I am, only because I know if I don't post pictures of me every once in a while you will think that I'm a phantom, not real or pregnant. So here I am, early in the am, snuggled into the most comfortable bed I've slept in in years. I couldn't resist the fluffy robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door. {By the way I have a funny story about pregnancy I'm going to tell you soon.}
Here are my oldest 2 tickle torturing my youngest. And I do believe tickling is a form of torture!

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Kristen said...

yay for San Jose! What a fun trip!! Loved all the pictures!!