Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If You Have a Girl from 5-10 years Old...

You need to check this site out. It's from Precious Moments. Remember them? The cute statues with the large heads and even larger eyes.

Well, they have new books out that promote virtues. And the best part, as far as my girls is concerned, they have a virtual world about to launched any day. If you sign up before it opens, you get 25 extra virtual points and a limited tee shirt for her character to wear. They can set up their own room, and can receive emails from us, their mom's, giving them extra virtue points for something they did good at home. NOW THAT IS COOL!!!!

So if you and your daughter are interested, go to www.preciousgirlsclub.com and sign up. It's free but I'm sure they have an upgraded membership like all those websites seem to have. No mention of it yet.

Enjoy and if you sign up and want to connect with Paige, email me and I'll give you her name. photomom5 at gmail.com

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Emily said...

THANKS for the tip! Lucy will love it.