Monday, September 15, 2008

Crafts are keeping me sane right now. No one is in school as of yet. Get this, I have to get the kid's sealed school transcripts, both from the district and from the school, take them to the Costa Rican consulate in Los Angeles and get them o.k.'d and the birth certificates stamped (and show Wes and my passports) along with the kid's passports. Then I get to pay $200 to a translator here in Costa Rica to translate them to Spanish. Of course they won't let "mi esposó" do it. I need to do the same with the vaccination records. I also have to have an electric bill in our name among other things. And all this just to have our kids pick up the language fast. Hummm. I might just need to find another way to accomplish that one.
So to keep the kids entertained we have been doing some fun things. Did you know you could make fun coloring pages out of your kid's favorite photographs? Imagine the benefits of this. You can take them to the park dressed as Spiderman, superman or a princess then snap away.

When you get home open your pictures in a Photoshop type program and do this:

1. open your picture on a page the size you are going to print. I did 8.5x11
2. make sure the picture is selected and not the background.
3. Go to filter>sketch>photocopy
4. You will now have something close to a coloring book sketch.
5. Play around with it, I kept the DETAIL around 8 and DARKNESS at 5.
6. That’s it. So easy.

Think about the possibilities.

*You could have a coloring contest at a baby shower with one of the pregnancy portraits.

*You could create a "choosing the right" coloring book for Sunday with your kid as the star.

*You could use them for a birthday party.

*You could create a “thank you” coloring page from a photo at your child’s birthday party.

*You could use it for a young women’s, primary, scout or achievement day activity.

*Ohhhh, how about a coloring book for a 50th wedding anniversary with pictures for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren to color about the couples life together. That would be awesome.

In fact if you think of a more creative way to use it, please let me know! I’d love to hear.

This is one we came up with.


Christine said...

Very cute coloring page idea. I got a taste of the "don't speak the language" dilema that I know you experience daily. We realized pretty quickly that not a whole lot of people spoke English in Spain. Luckily pretty much all the hotel people did except people like the maids (who wanted to come in and turn down the beds while Jeff was changing. I'm trying to keep her out, she's trying to come in and we can't understand each other). Jeff used his Italian/Spanish and I tried to dredge up some of my high school Spanish and we got by. We quickly got an appreciation of people coming to our country without knowing the language. One week was just about good enough for me. I have a deeper appreciation of your adventure all the time!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's so fun to discover another blogger out there! I'm trying to figure out where you... Jacó or thereabouts? For the school thing, our boys went for only two months and got a huge leg up. Also, you can go as a "listener"... don't remember the Spanish word for it but it's akin to being an auditor so you don't really enroll. You don't get credit either, but if they are just going to learn Spanish and you aren't intending them to graduate, this will work fine. We are now researching a couple of tutoring situations here in Escazú for the boys. More on the blog when i get this figured out... They will pick up Spanish fast, your boys. Sponges. Pura vida, Saratica

Jenny said...

Such great ideas!! I think I need to get a photoshop program...can't wait for you to get here!!

Paul Banagas Jr. Jr. said...

if you then adjust the brightness and contrast of the image you can create cleaner lines :)

of course even the working graphic artist took a couple photos and tried it out ;)

Lara said...

Awesome! My daughter loves to color. I can't keep enough coloring books in the house. She will love this, and so will I!

Sharla said...

I love this idea, and all of your suggeations!

erinTphotography said...

Fun ideas, you are so crafty!!! Hope you are having fun here in Cali, yeah what the heck I wasn't invited....just kidding! Brock asked me today as a matter of fact, when is Paige coming back to church? I told him, oh she moved to Costa Rica. He said, I know mom, but she is supposed to come back by now. SO CUTE!