Friday, September 12, 2008

Who's This Guy?

The one thing that Troy and I disagree on (besides scouts and chores) is his hair. He loves it long. The longer the better from his point of view. Wes just wants it short with a nice "comb over" for Sunday. I have to fight him on that one. I'm cool with it a little long, but I don't like tons of hair around his face. So in honor of him turning 12 in about a month, we had it cut off. Tons of his hair left his head for good yesterday. I was impressed he didn't go kicking and screamin'. Here he is before the "hair do". Check out this sign, Beauty Saloon instead of Beauty Salon. I guess you can head to the bar and down a root beer before you get all dolled up. So funny.
So here is the official "before" shot.
Here is the "painful" during. He had just looked in the mirror and got that panicked, "He's ruining my hair and my life look". I get that too during my hair cuts.
Here I was able to grab a shot just before he headed out the door to "go hang out". Thanks Troy for letting me photojournal your life today! When did my baby turn into this?????

It's still a little long. Next month we will have a new, shorter style. :)


erin said...

okay he still looks wicked cool with that hair. And who "combs over" anymore wes???? Get with it. As for Pottery Barn it at the Elsinore outlets. Do you know where thats at??? It's off the 15.(i dont know which direction though)

Lara said...

I love the look! Aren't boys funny about their hair? I wish Ethan would let me do anything even remotely "cool" to his hair. I wouldn't care how long it was.

Dro said...

Shawna, I noticed your comment on Lou Ann's blog so I decided to click on your name (do they call that "blog surfing?")

Anyway, I read your latest post. Troy looks like he'd fit right in here at Laguna Beach High. If I were you, I would let him wear it long for the next few years because from about the age 19 and on....he probably won't ever have it long again. The missionary hairdo isn't the most attractive. :)

Tell hi to Wes for me! Hope you guys are doing well.