Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm It!! I Got Tagged.

It's Sunday, a non post day, so I thought I'd throw in this fun "tag your it" questionnaire I got from my good friend Lara. It took me 2 years as a teen to stop calling her Lora. She just kept softly reminding me that her name included 2 a's. I'm amazed she will still take me as a friend. Thanks L-A-R-A.

A= Attached or Single: Attached for 12 perfect (crazy, hard, fun) years
B= Best Friend: I'm spoiled in this area!
C= Cake or Pie: Yuck to cake, pie is it (lemon supreme is one of my favs)
D= Day of Choice: Used to be Sunday, but now it's probably any "rainy" Monday.
E= Essential Item: I've learned besides food and water, there aren't any "essential" items
F= Flavor of Ice cream: Rocky Road with a little milk poured on top.
G= Gummy Bears or Worms: nothing gummy.
H= Hometown: Riverside, CA
I= Indulgence: baths, books, Ruby's chocolate malt, cuddling with the kids Saturday mornings in our bed.
J= January or July: Both
K= Kids: Troy, Dallin, Paige, Aiden, Landon (and sometimes my sweetie Wes).
L= Last movie I saw at a theater: "Becoming Jane" when I was in the states (so good!)
M= Musician: my son the drummer (he drums on EVERYTHING)
N= Number of Siblings: 3 brothers 1 sister
O= Oranges or Apples: mandarin oranges and gala apples
P= Phobias or Fears: heights; losing a child, not enduring to the end.
Q= Quote: Today's trial is tomorrows testimony" or "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission" or "cleaning the house while you have young kids is like stringing beads without a knot tided in the end of the string."I'll stop there.
R= Reason to Smile: my kids, my honey, my quiet time.
S= Season: what are seasons? We've got hot and humid or hot and rainy.
T= Tag: L(arge), oh you meant tag someone.
U= Unknown fact: I have to turn the tv channel if I think someone on tv is going to be embarrassed or made fun of, I just can't watch it.
V= vegetarian or oppressor of Animals: oppressor definitely, A-1 steak sauce just doesn't go well with veggies.
W= Worst habit: I'm not telling! :)
X= Xray or Ultrasound: I'd rather have an ultrasound if that's what the question is.
Y= Your favorite food: my mom's
Z= Zodiac sign: I'm not sure. I never read those! (Hee, hee)

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Lara said...

Well, my dear husband still calls me Laura after almost ten years. I've given up gently reminding him and just love him to death. Shakespeare said, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," right?
And I'm sorry, but I can't believe you wear a Large--that can't be right!!