Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conference is Finally Here...

I love conference!! I love cuddling with my loved ones as the words from the apostles and our prophet drench me with wisdom . The trick is getting the wisdom to absorb! (I also giggle when I think of not having to travel in the vomit comet to church) What a glorious day!

For my non-LDS friends: twice a year we have a world wide conference where we hear addresses from our leaders that are broadcast all over the world. Most cable and satellite networks pick up the channel so many families choose to stay home and watch on t.v.

We have the tradition of staying in our p.j.'s for the morning meetings. I make a HUGE breakfast to emulate the spiritual feast we are about to receive. I don't know if the kids understand the correlation, but they sure look forward to conference weekend. In fact if you are walking by our home, chances are you will hear, "Yippe!", and "Allright!" being sung from our rooftops! We love conference weekend!

Here is a the conference packet for kids that gets passed around this time of year. My sister-in-law Jenny sent it to me. Enjoy!

Oh, and home school ended today, with every one's "semi" neat papers on my (kitchen counter) desk by noon! Wow!!! This is why I'm on a high today!!! Again please disregard the post written in desperation a few days ago. :) Someone must have hijacked my computer and wrote those things!

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