Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come On In...

Ive redecorated? Did you notice?

Right now it's the only thing for me to "redecorate" so please be patient. I do like change. {Obviously Shawna, that's why you moved your family to Costa Rica!} In our homes in the states I often rearranged the furniture when there was nothing left to paint, hang or fluff. So here I have fluffed the blog. I'm not sure if I like it. I enjoy clean and simple lines, this might be too crazy for me. Please let me know if it has caused any drowsiness or headaches.

Have you also noticed I haven't posted recent pictures in awhile? Well, you are right. I have misplaced my camera battery charger and therefore I am unable to upload pictures. Yeah, a photographer without a camera. So funny!

I've been buying time by sneaking in pictures of the Relief Society logo, a clip art school bus and I've even gone as far as to throw in a corn dog shot. Please forgive me. But now I am out of ideas. So just so you have something to look at I'm including this {old} picture of my guy Dallin and his little brother Aiden comparing muscles.
Isn't it cute? (opps! can't say that! It will embarrass them.) I mean, "don't they look strong?"

Having 4 boys around, someone is always competing in a flexing competition. Little guy Aiden makes me stand up and measure how high up he comes to me. Right now he is just under my belly button. We do this right of passage at least 5 times a day. He usually says, "See mom I can do it, I'm bigger now!"

What's a mom to do with that?

Of course I let him bring in the two HUGE jars of jelly that I know he will drop and create a sticky disaster all over my floor which will then attach to my shoes {and everyone else's} no matter how many times I scrub the tile!!!!

I can't help it though. Of course I let him do it! Because what if he senses I don't believe in him?

Mom's should believe in their kids as long as they can. That's my plan.

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loubige said...

True. Maybe I shouldn't be afraid of the messes. Thanks.