Friday, October 17, 2008

Five Minus Two equals...


I only had three kids home today thanks to my GREAT and WONDERFUL sister {in-law} Rusti. She decided to take the younger two while I tried my best to shove home school material into my older one's heads before it was time to cook dinner, no I meant, lovingly guided my older three with their studies.

On a side note, does anyone else realize I'm the only one in the entire "world wide web" that isn't thoroughly enjoying home school? Humm.

Either I need to repent, or there are quite a few women that are afraid to voice their opinion. Probably both. Hee, hee!

So Rusti shot over these pictures and I thought I'd post them.

She writes:
"Mom look what we did today:

We ate cake and ice cream...

had very sticky hands...

jumped on the bed...

then... "

Rusti said that Aiden walked into her closet, stood there for awhile and exclaimed, "WOW, you have a very beautiful closet." The funny thing is it isn't very big at all, I just think he forgot what a closet looks like. So funny.

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Christine said...

So cute, and fun to have cake and be jumping at a fun aunt's house.