Monday, October 20, 2008

Found My Camera Battery...

Whew! I'm so relieved!!! Of course it was exactly where I put it just hidden under 10 rolls of paper towels. What a crime to be a photographer, in Costa Rica, without a camera.

So watch out, I will probably bombard you with pictures these next few weeks.
I've started working with parents that are struggling with teens addicted to drugs. It's tough but I feel like I'm helping.
So here is my work station. It's about 2 feet wide and in between my fridge and microwave. I had to laugh when Landon decided to do my work for me.

Then of course Aiden wants to pose for a photo op!

We have had trouble with our 2nd bathroom {we added on a few months ago} so the boys couldn't sleep in their room for a few days. We dragged their mattress out into our {large, hee, hee} living area and made do. I couldn't help but take a picture of where Aiden felt most safe at night.
Here you can see how Costa Rica living has made it's way into my children's imagination. Here are Paige's princess dolls in a "sparkly" carriage being pulled by lizard. I love finding things like this around the house. I once opened my microwave and found the power rangers duking it out inside. The joys of motherhood.


Banagas Family said...

Sooo cute! What special mommy moments! I'm trying to be more like you and just let go...what a struggle for me! It was good to see Wes this weekend! Bummer you all couldn't come! Tell the kids hi! BTW Ari moved back to UT last Fri :(

Christine said...


So glad you got your camera back. Cute pictures. Loved the doll carriages! Reminded me of the Barbie houses we would make out of books and shoe boxes, and their pool would be the bathroom sink. 1/2 the fun was figuring out how to build it.