Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Desperate times call for Desperate Measures

I just designed this {beautiful, family harmonizing} quote to go on the inside of my toilet lid. My friend Christina owns a vinyl lettering business and is creating this for me. Isn't it cute??? When you have 5 males living in your home, sometimes it just comes down to this!

If you need a similar reminder in your home, go to her website and email her and let her know.

Mother's of BOYS, unite!!!

{I'll post pictures when it's all set up!}


Jenny said...

I love it! I've seen one with a similar message that I've been wanting to do for the boys bathroom. Now I now where to go for the vinyl, thanks!

loubige said...

That's funny. Is there one that says "just b/c you don't wipe doesn't mean you DON'T have to wash your hands".....? Just curious. :-)

Glad you found your camera battery!

Kristen said...

That is so cute! She told me you created something. i love it and will need one for my bathroom too:)