Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hymns here in Costa Rica...

don't have the same, well, how do I say this? They sound horrible! There is no other way to say it. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe the translation of the song has something to do with it. My sweetheart thinks it's because pianos are non existent in the homes here. Bless their hearts, these sweet people try so hard to sing. In fact our little branch of 35 can out sing the entire Woodcrest ward any Sunday. That is, if you are grading the (noise) volume of the hymn not the quality. It can be quite uncomfortable to sit through sacrament meeting depending upon who we sit in front of. (Bless their hearts, again)
However there are two songs that they sing impeccably well and with such vigor and truth.
The first, "I am A Child of God". When we sing this song, the previously screeching voices now stay with the intended notes. It is just beautiful.
Last Sunday we were practicing for the up coming primary program and the kids sang, "We Thank The Oh God for a Prophet" and I will admit, here and now but never again, I got a little emotional.
This little group of 11 kids (but with 8 actually singing) can compete with the Woodcrest and Orangecrest Wards combined. They really pay attention to the words and are thankful for the blessing of having a prophet here to guide us. These little ones sing that song like it's their high school's fight song, sung before a rival football game!

It gives me chills.
The gospel might be new here, but they get it. They are thankful for the blessing of having a prophet, and they know they are a child of God.

So tomorrow and Sunday, and anytime I hear either of these songs, I will sing a little louder and prouder because I Am a Child of God and Thankful for a Prophet.

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Tonja said...

This journey in Costa Rica is almost like a mission for you guys. Your testimony can be challenged and yet is stengthened so much. I just love your posts. You are awesome! Love ya tons.