Friday, October 3, 2008

Coming Home...

This is what my carry on looked like. I had to get all three kid's home school textbooks back here to CR. With over 190 pounds of books to bring home, this is how I did it. After I met my 50 pound allotment for my 2 check in "blue bins", I packed my carry-on like this. Even though you are only allowed 40 pound for your carry ons, I know they don't check the weight. I figured as long as I kept my facial expression from showing how much exertion it took to move this baby, I would be o.k. You should have seen my humongous purse. It alone weighed 50 lbs, and with the textbook suitcase I was wheeling 120 pounds through the airports. I almost made it too, until the last flight home, I met the steward in the isle as "he" asked, "Mam, can I help you with these?"



" NO!"

I then dropped my bags and ran for safety!!!! I almost got away then...

Just kidding, I spilt the beans about my secret and said he could only help me if he didn't report me to the female stewardess who tend to be a little more strict when it comes to rules. You know, like female cops.
{Rosie, sorry about the stewardess comment. :) } He was pretty cool about it. I'm glad I didn't run.

I should have pictures of family soon, I didn't bring a camera so I need to get them emailed to me. I'm warning you I don't have very many!


loubige said...

You are hilarious. I would have been like "uh no that's okay...." but he would have seen by just looking at my face that I was hiding something!
I am a horrible liar, in fact when we play mafia I ALWAYS lose even when I'm NOT mafia b/c I'm so worried people will think I'm mafia that they DO think I'm mafia! Lame.

Glad you made it back with all the books without pulling a muscle. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...I don't know how you did that. Amazing!! I was away a couple days and my there was much to catch up on. I love your posta Shawna!! :)

Peggy Sue :)

Christine said...

I had a hard enough time getting my purse and backpack over my head into the bin. I couldn't imagine trying to get a whole library up there!
As is was I had to stand on the seat to get anything back out again. I'm sure I would've dropped it on one of our fellow passengers and had a lawsuit on my hands.

Glad you were able to get them home though! I saw a guy trying to get back home to England having to throw stuff away because his bags were too heavy. I'm sure your kids will be grateful for every last school book. (hee hee)