Saturday, October 25, 2008

These are a few of my Favortie Things...

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a picture of some of the things my sweetheart brought back for me from the states. "Well, at least you could pretend you are interested!" {Oh. please excuse me, I thought I was talking to my pre-teen} My mom used that sentence on me a few times. I feel it's my ancestral duty to pass it along to my little ones.

The book is by Sheri Dew, "God needs a Powerful People". I loved her book entitled "No On Can Take Your Place". Great book. {It's 1 am my time and that's the closest you are going to get to a book review}

I had him bring back 3 cans of Comstock Cherry Pie Filling. Get this, they charge over $8.00 per can here!

Pick yourself up off the floor!

Can you believe it!?!?!?! I have a delish cherry cheesecake recipe I'll share with you soon. But at $16.00 just for the topping, my famous dessert wasn't ever going to make it to our table. {We really have 4 cans but 3 photographed better}

I requested Raid fumigator because, yes I'll admit it, we have cockroaches. And not the tiny little ones from the states, but the 4-5 inch ones that make everyone here head for higher ground in .2 seconds flat! Even Paige my "bug hunter" gets out of the way.

My honey brought "MILK" chocolate chips. 2 bags even! Most of you know how picky I am with my chocolate chip cookies. I like them perfect! I makes me feel closer to my mother since hers were always perfect. In order to make them perfect, I have to have milk chocolate. I'm not a fan of semi-sweet. Who would want to be semi anything? Always do things 100% !

Above the {MILK} chocolate chips is my breakfast secret. Crumbled, home cooked bacon, that I didn't have to cook. You can find this large bag at Costco or Sam's Club and it's worth the money. I am a supporter of the homemade breakfast before school {work} and this makes life so much easier for me.
===================== ======== ======Opps, forgive me, I was daydreaming of the days my kids trotted off to public school.

So, once opened, keep the bag in the refrigerator and anytime you cook scrambled eggs, omelets, egg skillets and such sprinkle them in the mixture. Your family still gets the bacon, you save money, time and bacon house smell!

I also have brown sugar {it just isn't the same here}, deodorant {do I need to explain?}, bleach pen {I'm going to draw some designs on my shirt that has a stain on it. See if I can make the stain look cool} and erasable pens {they are supposed to be easier for kids to write with than pencils}.

So have a GREAT week everyone! And if you see my AWESOME friend MaryAnn, wish her a happy birthday today!


Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

I would never be able to survive down there. Never. Not. For. One. Week. And seriously, dealing with all that AND having to homeschool the kids on top of it? Just put me in a padded room and get it over with already. I'm with you on the roaches. Here they are called "waterbugs" but who are we foolin?? They are big enough that I refer to them as "anklebiters." The first time I saw one I was ready to get a match and burn the house down. But I have NO DOUBT that with that climate down there they are double the size. ICK!

Kristen said...

Go Wes! Great stuff he brought back! I'm with you...i like MILK chocolate chips best. I didn't realize costco sold the crumbled bacon, I'm getting that for sure!
Not a fan of the "anklebiters" thats for sure. Yay for RAID!!

Albanie said...

So nice to have someone come back with gifts! I love it when Gene comes back with stuff for me..I actually got to raid his closet of goodies and also got some milk chocolate chips. They ARE the best! See you tomorrow!

Lara said...

Love Comstock cherries. Yum! I make dump cake with them.

As for me, I'm a semi-sweet chocolate chip gal. But don't get me wrong--I'll eat milk chocolate chip cookies any day!

Lara said...

Love Comstock cherries. Yum! I make dump cake with them.

As for me, I'm a semi-sweet chocolate chip gal. But don't get me wrong--I'll eat milk chocolate chip cookies any day!