Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friends and Food Storage

Well, we have started our Costa Rican food storage. It consists of these humongous bags of rice and beans. When we first arrived my son Troy couldn't stand rice and beans {a main staple of most 3rd world countries}. Now he LOVES them. He loves them with eggs for breakfast, by themself or with chicken for dinner. He does not love them with sour cream which is how they eat it here. It's so yummy. { I wonder if when your kids are adults you just automatically stop using words like "yummy", "owie" & "tummy".} Humm...

I want to introduce you to a friend of ours. Everyone say hello to Gene. "Hello Gene!"

Gene is our bus driver. Yes he owns and drives the vomit comet. The bus is used for his business but he so kindly uses it on Sunday to take those of us who would otherwise have to take a taxi (or not come). I'm sure you like him already!

He is a card. Gene loves to mess around with everyone and is well liked. He lives part time in the states the other here in Costa Rica. When he isn't here, Wes gets to transport everyone in the VC.

Gene decided to surprise us with a succulent roasted chicken for our Sunday meal. WOW! A man that can cook. Yaowzers!!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful meal. I even pulled out all the stops and turned over our silk curtain and used it as a tablecloth. Fancy huh?

Anyone want to cone to dinner?


Anonymous said...

Wow...yummy dinner! Hi Gene!!! I missed a week or so and gosh, I missed a lot on here. Love all your little tidbits and details. Take care Shawna!

Peggy Sue :)

loubige said...

Love it Shawna! I am a big fan of rice and beans for food storage, probably b/c there is NO WAY you are going to get me to make homemade bread with a bunch of wheat! I need to get going on that--my family is going to starve.
Gene looks cool, nice of him to do dinner for you guys!