Saturday, November 8, 2008

I have Been Humbled...

Last night I grabbed one of the "free" tico newspapers around here, flipped through the pages and was stunned by a photograph.

It was a picture of a little girl about the age of my little girl, sick and miserable in a petite dirt floored hut. What got me was her younger brother, maybe 5, holding a cloth to her head taking care of her. I don't know where their mother was. The desperation in his face was not a trait a 5 year old should even know how to portray.

I was emotionally humbled and glad that I couldn't read the words depicting more of their situation. The 1,000 {words} the photograph released was all I could bear.

It categorized my previous {whinny} post, irrelevant!

My friend Costa Rica has painfully schooled me again. I do have it all. Our living conditions are bearable and even if we complete our entire stay here, I will be FINE.

Last night during prayers, I scratched off my once important desire for a bigger place, and replaced it with a simple plea for these 2 children battling the world.

I wonder what God thinks when he hears our prayers sometimes.


Ambrea said...

Good post! We really are so blessed! We miss you guys!

loubige said...

Thanks for the Sunday lesson Shawna! I teach primary and today we were trying to keep the kids quiet long enough to get our points across to them so unfortunately I must admit I didn't come away with too much. This post was a perfect and great substitute Sunday lesson for me.
As for what I think He thinks sometimes: "Are you kidding me?!" :-) followed by "you know better than this."

Christine said...

Great insight Shawna. A good perspective me something to think about.