Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Trying to Be Patient...

but sometimes it's so hard! We have been living in a "very appreciated" but tiny place for the last 3 months. {actually 94 days, 17 hours and 32 no, 38 seconds} But who's counting?

In fact I told my sweetheart not to tell me the actual square feet we were living in, I knew it would make it more tough. My theory is similar for the birthing process, "No I don't want to "see" are you crazy? Then I'll really be in pain!!!"

So for these 90 days I've managed the niceties that are attached to living here. I won't go in to them or you have no option but to either consider me not tough enough or shutter in utter sympathy to my plight. Let's leave it as life has been interesting. So interesting that the internal timer inside me went off and I announced to the love of my life that our time here {in this house} is done!!!

Now when I'm ready to move along, I'm ready. I get things done! Now. That's just how I work. Costa Rica however has a different plan. She continues to teach me qualities like PATIENCE.

This is the house we almost rented. That is until they found out we have 5 children. What a let down!! Not that I have 5 kids, I've known that for awhile. :) But to have DENIED stamped on our parental foreheads, yeah, that was tough. I've been dreaming of the dishwasher, large fridge, nice bathrooms, space, cupboards, closets {yes a closet!!!} space, bathroom cabinets, washer and dryer, ohhh, somebody stop me!!!!

Well, that was last month. Now we have been set back on yet another moving opportunity. We were so close too. I've learned not to get my hopes up until I have moved in the first blue bin of clothes.

So this is my mission now, to quickly learn whatever it is I need to learn from this house, then get mine, my kid's and my honey's rear ends out of here as quickly as possible!!!

For me it's a gringo house or BUST!!! {literally}


Paul Banagas Jr. Jr. said...

I'll be patient with you Shawna!
I really do enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pics of what it is like down there. I always look forward to seeing what new adventures you all seem to be a part of almost all the time. Heres wishing your hopes come true soon!

loubige said...

Dude. Keep it up girl. You are strong. Look at the good things about takes you probably 10-20 minutes to clean the ENTIRE house, that doesn't happen for me! :-) Have a good weekend, think of me while I'm cleaning my house ALL day today and you don't have to do that,
love you!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it happens soon for you Shawna! Love all your stories...I haven't gotten on in a while so it took a while to read through everything. I will pray about the house situation! :)

Peggy Sue :)

Lara said...

Oh, Shawna! How I feel for you. I would be in a padded room by now if I were you. You handle life's little and big ups and downs so well, taking it all in stride. Somewhere in heaven there is a mansion for you.

P.S. The word verification for my comment is "peondip." {giggle giggle}