Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie Exchange and Saving Money...

Kelly from had this idea to share:

How to host the perfect Cookie Exchange Party
1. The husbands and kids went to one house, with snacks to share and beverages.
2. The wives went to a house directly across the street, with beverage and six dozen cookies, in half-dozen packages (so each woman arrived with 12 small bags containing six cookies each.)
3. We put our cookies on the table and opened one package as a sampler. This left 11 bags of half-dozen cookies to be exchanged.
4. We enjoyed conversation, drinks and snacks and when the hostess rang the bell, we each chose three baggies from the table. About 10 minutes and lots of laughter later, she rang the bell again. We each chose three more baggies. And so it went until most the cookies were gone.

There were probably 15-20 women at the gathering and we stayed for about three hours. But the system would work no matter how many women attended. Thanks to my very smart neighbors for creating such a perfect and fun way to host a cookie exchange!

So here is the money saving idea:

Check this out...tons of promotion codes for shopping online or in the store. Very cool! Don't ever shop online without a code! Please.

14 days left!!


loubige said...

I am one of those few women who quite honestly has never really been a fan of cookie exchanges (maybe someday I'll warm up to the idea) I know there is a point to them so you have a variety of yummy baked goods to give away, but I don't know, just never gotten into them.
I'm always afraid people think I'm being bah humbugish but I just don't crave to bake like an amazing cooking woman. Plus I like to make simple basic things that aren't exciting, nobody wants those at an exchange!

Lara said...

That sounds so much fun. Hope I get to try it one day!