Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...

you never know what you are gonna get. "
-Forest Gump.

Or you can be like me and take the tiniest bite out of every one, then put them back...that way you always know. Oh, that used to drive my brother Robbie CRAZY! So then I started carving out a circle out of the bottom. It produced the same result and he never knew.

A few weeks ago I presented a youtube clip entitled "CREATE". It just moved me. I decided then and there it was time. I was going to dust off my fancy camera and use it every Sunday. Scratch that creative itch so to speak. I mean, geeesh...I'm living in beautiful Costa Rica!

Oh I was so thrilled.

Then as I was planning my adventure, my battery charger died on me. So funny. This is when I look up to heaven and {in my minds eye} picture everyone watching how I handle this one. {I got this perspective from the "Life is a Football Game" talk I mentioned earlier. It works wonders when your kids really mess up. You know, painting your girlfriend's brand new carpet with multiple colors of popsicle syrup.

Wow, was that pretty. My daughter did that.

And get this; the friend is still my friend. "Hi Teresa!"

So, although this wasn't as drastic, I was disappointed. I can't easily order a new charger or drive somewhere to pick one up.

Then I came up with another idea to scratch that itch. {And make a little cash too} All I'm going to tell you is it involves my Photoshop talents, my computer and the Internet. After 2 weeks of {blood, sweat and tears} getting the {web} shop Internet goes down. It's been down for over a week.

I look up to heaven again, " this happening?" and let out a frustrated giggle.

So as of 3 hours Internet is back.

I whisper a "thank you" to whomever fixed it and write this post to explain to my dad why I've had so many posts about recipes lately. {I don't need a camera for those posts.}

I do have a picture to show you how last week went.

So enjoy your week! And I should be up and running at normal speeds again.

Does anyone here in CR have the Canon battery charger CB-5L and would be willing to charge my battery? Anyone?

My sweetheart just taught our oldest how to shave {I can't believe this is happening so soon!} and I couldn't photograph the event.


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Christine said...

Taylor only has to shave every once in awhile but he is embarassed by it (Jacob teases him). I told him he doesn't need to be embarassed but I'm sure he'll give Jacob a hard time once he's there:)