Monday, April 20, 2009

Deals From TARGET...

the happiest place on earth!

I used to LOVE walking into Target when we lived in the states. The yummy smell of popcorn and my favorite color, red, everywhere.

Did you know that companies pay for fragrances that smells like popcorn so they can fan them at you when you walk in the door? Yep, studies show that customers spend more when they smell popcorn.

There have been times I've smelled the popcorn and looked over to find the cute popcorn bin EMPTY.

Right now when you spend $50 you get FREE SHIPPING. Sweet.

But I have something better. Enter this code { TCPTSTFS } and you will get $5.00 off of your purchase of at least $50.

So I ordered 3 separate orders of $50 and got FREE shipping and $5 off each one.

Hey, don't laugh...every bit helps.

Plus everything I ordered was in the CLEARANCE section. I bought Paige a full pj set for $3.90 and shoes for $4.90. The girls clearance was amazing. Check the 75% off first.

Shoes are so expensive here and they don't last more than a month. I bought all the boys can bet a picture will be coming soon.

Think about can shop from home and you won't be tempted by the dollar bins. Nice.

Sale ends on the 24th so hurry!

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loubige said...

I love me some Target! Thanks for the tip.
Have fun at Women's Conference, wish I could hook up with you!