Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Have Been so Patient

My Camera charger died a few months ago.  I feel like my left arm is gone!  {and I'm LEFT handed!!!}


I have finally ordered a charger and will be picking it up when I head to the states for some added spiritual upliftment.  {and to have a week where the only teeth I brush are MINE}  Oh the JOY!

I'm headed to Women's Conference...alone.  None of my CLOSE amigas are going, sniff, sniff.  But I am pleased to have private time to really ponder what I'm learning.

I remember when this was taken.  It was the year all the stars aligned and we were able to go together.  I recall on this trip knowing that this would not happen again for a long time.  It was just PERFECT.  I will think of all of you while I'm there. :)

I love being a mommy...but I do know how to get away and not worry.

Want in on my SECRET???



Yep.  I say a little prayer to my Father in Heaven and ask for help to let me relax (and that my husband returns my children ALIVE).

Works every time.  {at least so far}  I can't wait to test my secret again.  

So thank you for hanging with me as I used old pictures and copied recipe pictures for

In a few weeks I shall return with probably more pictures than you'd like.  Ha!  Ha!  

So everyone...enjoy some MORE old pictures of my crazy family.  

AND can you believe that Wednesday marks our 1 YEAR anniversary in Costa Rica?


Yahooo!!!!  Another goal accomplished!!! Time for a little give away, don't you think???

Kids on a traditional Costa Rican cart.

The first day of {mommy's home schooling the oldest 3 so the little ones are headed off to} preschool.
Memories of Paige's baptism day.

During our CRAZY rainstorms the kids would enjoy being outside.  Look at that umbrella of ours.

My favorite path we found out driving one day.  I'm using this in a post about this Costa Rican life path we took.

Our home was the 3rd home on the left at the end of this road.  This is the road I walked everyday to the grocery store. 
Dallin and Paige...enjoying Costa Rica's puda vida!
My honey taking my sweetie to be baptized.  It was a perfect day.


Christine said...

Trip out! I just got back from church and guess who suprised me in the hall?

Wes! I didn't know he was down! :)

Have Wes bring you back your charger so you can show us more pictures!:)

Tonja said...

Dang! I can't believe it's been a whole year! CRAZYNESS! So when are you ever coming "home" (or not?)Hope you have fun at womens conf. You deserve it!

Nicole said...

My mom & I are going to Womens Conference this year, our first time believe it or not! It sure would be a treat to see you somewhere?!