Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interview with Dallin...

Me: Dallin, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like Costa Rica?

Dallin: Probably a 9.

Me: What adventure was most fun for you?

Dallin: Zip Lining. No, no, no, no...the flood!

Me: What is your least favorite thing about Costa Rica?

Dallin: They don't sell DS chargers here.

Me: If you could change 1 thing about Costa Rica what would it be?

Dallin: That there would be a Best Buy store here.

Me: If you could change 1 thing about the states what would it be?

Dalliin: That they would have Platanos. (chips made from plantains)

Me: What is your favorite food here?

Dallin: Plantanos and gallo pinto (rice and black bean dish served with sour cream)

Me: What adventure do you wish you'd have done here?

Dallin: I wish I had taken surfing lessons for more than just 2 months.

Me: How would you finish this sentence..."Dear Costa Rica,
Thank you for...

Dallin: all the paradise and at least TRYING to fix the roads.


FreeGirl said...

Plantanos are my favorite also. Some times we can get them up in the states but they must taste better in the warm Costa Rican sun. One day I hope to move to CR also.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Free should do it! Set your goals and get here. :) It's been a life learning experience...

I'll make sure to look for Plantanos when we move back to the states.

Christine said...

I guess you'll have to bring a suitcase full of them back:)

Maybe Dalyn will have to come with us to beach days and who us how to surf:)

Kristen said...

loved the interviews with the kids. What a priceless experience you have all had.

Have a great time in Utah!!