Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Have NOT Forgotten....

we have a contest. One of my sons...who will remain NAMELESS for now...messed with my password settings in my computer and now I can't get on my computer at all!

What does that effect you ask?

My cooking
Calling anyone out of the country
My flight to the states
Contact information from my friends I'm meeting up with here
My home finding plans


So here I am at 1 am my time {after 18 hours spent at airports on 3 different flights} posting a post to let you know that tomorrow when I can think I will get online and make more sense.

I hope!


Christine said...

Good luck Shawna!! I hope you have a well deserved fun time!!

Call if your around and we'll try and hook up if at all possible!

You can report back all your spiritual insights later:)

Jenny said...

I hope you get here safely, can't wait to see you. I got your battery charger in the mail yesterday.