Thursday, May 7, 2009

On The Road Again...

It's 10 am...I leave to head home in an hour. This has been quite an eventful trip. I had a wonderful time with my uncle and aunt in Utah, Women's Conference was divine, hanging with my friend Emily and her family was a TREASURE and the pleasure of brushing only my set of teeth every day has been refreshing.

However...I now miss my crazy life and am ready to head home.

I can't wait to sit with my kids and draw a winner in our contest. I have TONS of fun stuff to send.


I shall be home and snuggling my kids in 11 hours. I'm ready for the countdown.


Jenny said...

So jealous of your trip ALONE!

What should I do with your battery charger? Maybe it will be a good excuse to come visit again in about a month when your newest nephew arrives?

Christine said... was Women's conference?

What was one gem that you learned there?

Amber said...

Isn't it great that we get to recharge and come home refreshed? Of course, we then need that excitement about being home again to deal with the mess and overreaction to our leaving in the first place! What was that I read about you maybe moving to Denver? Gonna post about that?

Heather Anderson said...

How was WC? We need a longer post on that... glad you got to make the trip!