Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mile High City...

I'm here in Denver...patiently awaiting a visit with my girlfriend (from high school) Emily. I'm looking at homes today...if things go well....we might settle down here in this beautiful land.

We will see.

I had a fantastic night, all by myself, alone in a hotel. LOVE IT! Sleeping in, staying up late, T.V. in English, comfortable bed and reading until late in the night! Can we say AWESOME mommy RECHARGING time?

Things are going well considering Bank of America's mess up! Telling me I could get to my money here! It's just added to my adventure here, which has truly been a clone of the Amazing Race!

Most of me LOVES it! Yesterday I was done racing around trying to figure things out. I just needed a quiet night at a hotel.

Now I'm ready to go again! Can't wait to meet Emily's family!!!

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Kristen said...

Denver, that's exciting Shawna! But is there anything I can do or say to make you guys come back to Riverside?
Hotel sounds heavenly!