Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They're Here...

Our passports arrived! Yeah! The kids were thrilled to hold such an important document that held their picture.
Our government at work, they came in under 3 weeks. Considering the 4-6 week time frame they were supposed to arrive, I'm pretty stoked.
It already looks like Costa Rica here. We live on a couple of acres in Riverside and the reptiles are arriving. Wes finally captured the male snake lizard he had been after since we moved here. Arrh, arrh, arrh for him. Then during our 4th garage sale {where did I get all this stuff!} he found a huge snake! Oh and did I mention the little frog we found?
Three weeks left.


Christina said...

what? snakes, lizards and frogs?!?! dang rachel would be in HEAVEN!! i need to send her over there more often!!

whoo hoo on the passport arrival!!

im LOVING my pictures! i posted one of them on my blog--

Nikki said...

Whoo Hoo about the passports!!
Steve and I got ours in December and were worried we would not get them befor eour cruise (we had heard some horror stories about it taking months) and were pleasantly surprised with prompt service too.

I am getting very excited for you.