Monday, April 28, 2008

This isn't Guava...

We thought we would show you what guava looks like. Then I realized that even though the vendor told me this was guava, it isn't! What ever it is, it comes in a long, flat, hard skin. You crack it open and then open it like you would a string bean. The fruit looks like a wet rectangular piece of cotton but is pretty juicy and sweet. Inside is a gorgeous brown smooth seed. They look like a designer stone you would fill a glass jar with to get that Zen look. (Cindy I would call the seed a definite chocking hazard.) It’s the perfect size to get lodged in your throat. It was quite the treat. Costa Rica has some crazy looking fruit here. We will be posting more pics later.

O.K. I figured out that it's "Guaba" not guava.


Nikki said...

Can't wait to hear what that thing is.
Yes, I know Guava and that isn't one.
Glad you all made it.

Love ya-

PS You will be missed at Woman's Conference this week!!

Christine said...

Hey Shawna,

Glad to know that you made it there all right. I just got back from my trip to Utah. That was fun. Jacob described my graduation in his school essay as "exhausting". (Having it go over 2 days I could see why he thought so). It actually snowed on the first day, though it didn't stick. Back to California and warm weather. I miss you already but I'm so glad your good about getting pictures on here already. WE went to a "visitor ward" when we were in Park City. I had never heard of such a thing. The stake sets it up for all the people visiting the area. It's only sacrament meeting (takes away all the guilt of not staying all 3 hours when your on vacation). One of the speakers gave a great quote that she uses on her teenagers that are reluctant to do housework. "Service is the payment for the space you occupy." Thought that was cute. I'll talk to you later. I'm glad you guys made it there safe!

Love ya,

Maryann said...

Hey shawna, Let me say i am so sad i missed your call i was outside for 15 min. come in and saw you had called i was soooo mad. Then i stayed home all day yesterday to wait for your call.... Hope you are happy and things are going good for you, church sounds like a blast now if they put you in the nursury that would top the whole deal .... I miss you everyday!!! when are you moving back.. remember eat lots of white pineapple for me!!!!!