Monday, April 28, 2008

We Have Arrived!!!

Hola friends and family! We are here. I’m sure you thought we fell off the face of the earth, but lo and behold we didn’t. We flew into Costa Rica Wednesday afternoon and drove to our destination (2 more hours). With layovers and such, it took us almost 24 hours of traveling to get here. Landon was a dream on the airplanes. He slept the entire time. I am so lucky!
When we got off the airplane in Florida Aiden mentioned he had a surprise for me. He opened his pocket to reveal Wes’ pocketknife. He exclaimed with the sweetest little expression, “Here mom, this is because I love you!” I can’t believe that made it through the security at LAX! It was deposited into the trash as soon as Aiden wasn’t looking. Whew!
We are staying in a, well let’s just say a realtor would describe it as cozy with an open floor plan. It’s a one bedroom with a storage room. Now before you think I’m crazier than you already think I am, both the storage room and the bedroom are huge! We have 2 queen beds and 1 twin in the bedroom. All the kids are sleeping in there. Wes and I have the storage room. The kitchen and living room are one in the same and it’s a pretty big space. The house we are going to live in won’t be ready for another 3 weeks. It has been much easier to keep this place clean. That has been a wonderful benefit.
We went to church on Sunday, well half of us anyway. Aiden got sick right before we were going to leave. Wes, Paige and Landon stayed home. Troy, Dallin and I headed to the chapel. It was about 45 minutes away. Since we don’t have our own vehicle yet, we rode with a family that has a large bus/van. There are two families that are doing the same thing we are. One family has 3 kids the other 2. The family with 3 kids has a daughter 9 (cute as can be and speaks fluent Spanish), a daughter 6 and a son 3. They have been down here for 2 years. The other family is from Nebraska. The have a cute little 2 year old boy and a 1 year old chubby faced little girl. Sacrament meeting was a little difficult since we didn’t understand a word. That isn’t true I understood “sacrifice”, “God”, “Jesus” and “testimony” but with a 1-½ hour sacrament meeting, it was long, even for me. The primary will have doubled with our young ones attending. I can see how Sunday will be a day of service like it’s never been before.
This move has been wonderful so far. The kids are having a great time and love the country! It is just beautiful, humid, but beautiful. We love you all.

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