Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If You Give a Kid Some Gum...

Remember the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"? Does it sometimes feel like your life is like that? A series of events all connecting to one another, where you might wish you could go back and change the first {mistake} event?

Me too.

Here's one of mine from last week.

If you give a child a 100 colone {about 25 cents), he'll want to buy a large bubble gum. If he tries to buy a large bubble gum the gum will get stuck in the machine. If his gum gets stuck he'll stick his hand up the machine to get his gum. If his hand gets stuck you'll try and get his hand out. When both of your hands are stuck the nice "Spanish only speaking" store manager will try and rescue both of you. You will be of no help because you have no idea what he is saying. When you are finally rescued you will make it home just in time for your sister in law to drop off her large dog for you to watch. Her large dog that you are watching will of course find the large chewed up bubble gum and lay in it. You will spend the next 20 minutes up to your elbows in peanut butter {to get the gum out of dog fur}, dog hair and bubble gum. When you have peanut butter,dog fur and bubble gum dripping off your arms, it will remind your little guy that he misplaced his "gum" and would like some more.

Do you think I have a book here????


Jenny said...

Shawna, we miss you guys a ton. The other day Ethan told me that Aiden is his best friend. How cute is that?! This story is too funny! Did you get the gum out?

Heather Anderson said...

You have the funniest book yet! You should go for it!!! LOL That was a great story. We miss you too

TICA MACHA said...

YES YOU DO! I'd buy it. I admire you so much for handling life here with five children so graceously.
My hat is off to you.
Wish you had photos of the gum ball adventure.