Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally, an Upbeat Post...

I was just going through my last few posts and hope that I wasn't a downer to those of you looking for inspiration in your life. I hope you don't think I hate home schooling or Costa Rica. I only highly detest home schooling and if it wasn't so soakingly humid here in gorgeous Costa Rica, I would never leave.

Oh, but there are the crazy roads, almost non existent police force, trash, sewers dumped into the streams leading to oceans, expensive "lame" private schools (in our area), attending church in the vomit commit, expensive food, the language barrier and did I mention the humidity???

O.K. there I go again. Sorry. I actually do enjoy it here. It is crazy beautiful! Costa Rica had changed our family for the better. We depend on each other more. I never, ever need to apply lotion. I'm tan even with level 45 sun block constantly applied. I have grown closer to Rusti, my husband's sister. I appreciate when we have electricity and water. (One or both utilities tend to turn off at the most inopportune times down here.) I don't feel ready to hipper ventilate without a dishwasher anymore. Let's see what else can I contribute to our life here in CR? I am more pliable when it comes to the molding that tags along with trials.

We have learned the art of "moving a little slower” and are taking the time to reprioritize and restructure our lives. My "from scratch" repertoire of recipes has grown by leaps and bounds. We are immersing ourselves into a foreign culture. The beautiful Spanish language is seeping into my children's craniums, while my brain is still fighting the absorption.

We are loving the people here.

As I was blog hopping, I found a talk given by a post missionary's mission president. Did you catch all that? The title was, "What I hated I, Learned to Love through Obedience." He gave the example of mowing lawns for money when he was young. Hated it at first. Now he loves to mow his lawn.

This can apply to certain principles of the gospel or commandments. Through obedience, a love will develop. I remember learning to love to pay tithing as a young teen. (although it took me quite a few years)

You hear of missionaries having a difficult time with a new culture and people, but then through "obedience" they come home loving the people. I have never "hated" it here, but I can say my heart is softening. I love these sweet children I get to play with on Sunday at church.

I love the two women that I work with. The three of us run the entire primary; we are the teachers, presidency, secretary and nursery leaders. They are amazing and have yet to ridicule me for my Spanish shortcomings. (Yet!) For these things I am blessed beyond measure. Let me keep my eyes (and heart) focused on the true blessings of life (health and love) and not on the minor struggles that like to pop up in our view to ruin our vision.


Christine said...

Shawna, Love the new look to your blog. I'm curious where you found it? I got mine off of a websight where a blogger was offering them all for free. So fun.
I love your header the best and especially the quote!

I don't know if you remember the Rosser family. Their husband passed away over the weekend and we're trying to get some things going for the funeral. I'm trying to help coordinate getting the program done and I remembered all your tireless efforts just about a year ago. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since Julie was here. I was also thinking "where is Shawna when I need her" Well you escaped out of helping me with this project but it's nice to know that you're helping to bless the lives of the people down in Costa Rica!

loubige said...

Thanks for the thought provoking post.....I actually needed that this morning.

Tonja said...

It's true, what you say about learning to love the country your in. I loved the country and people of my mission. But I must say, I had an even greater appreciation for the US of A when I came home. We are so lucky here and we don't even realize it until you live outside of the country.

That is so cool that your kids are learning spanish. Awesome!

Kristen said...

What a wonderful post Shawna!
I always go away with somthing good when I visit your it be a good recipe, a good quote, a good story, or a good life lesson.
Thanks:) your new look!