Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Much Better Today...

I have traveled from Salt Lake City to Provo with a shuttle, bus, train and then bus again. I ROCK!

I have to say it's much easier figuring that out in a country that speaks English than a country that speaks Spanish.

Kudos to my cousin Joanna who did just that for 3 months in Costa Rica.

So I am in Provo at the Provo library. Just STUNNING!

I'm trying to figure out a way to have my husband transfer money to me. Quite the challenge when my bank (Bank of America) tells me I can enter any "branch" in Utah and get a new debit card AND THERE ISN'T A BRANCH IN UTAH!!!

Lovely! So 2 phone cards later and 1 hour of searching for a payphone that works...I'm here hanging out on the library computer. NICE.

So hopefully I'll be off soon with money in my pockets to traverse this great city.

See ya soon!!


Ambrea said...

hopefully you figured out the money situation! they have a b of a in st george, I think...hahaha like that helps you! Open a Wells Fargo account and maybe he can transfer money into that...and it's in more western states than b of a! good luck and hope you have tons of fun at women's conf.

Christine said...

Sounds like your experiencing your own version of the Amazing Race!

Good luck out there.

Christine said...

I hope your enjoying yourself up there. Eat a mint brownie for me.